Weekly menu plan

Friday night – challah, chicken soup, roast chicken, potatoes, squash, roasted carrots, sesame stir fried vegetable, cinnamon buns; Saturday lunch – challah, hummous, beef stew, sesame chicken, kishke, potato kugel, zucchini kugel, sweet potato pie with crumble topping, pepper salad, pomegranate salad, fresh salad, brownies, rugelach

Sunday – lunch – chicken, kugels, salad; dinner – stuffed peppers

Monday – l – chicken lentil stew; d – baked sweet potatoes, salads

Tuesday – l – noodles and cheese sauce; d – Mediterranean white bean soup

Wednesday – l – shepherds pie; d –

Thursday – l – chickpea and sweet potato burgers; d – Mediterranean white bean soup

Friday – l – CORN (clean out fridge night – though it’s not night :))

My weekly vegetable shopping trip didn’t happen at the end of the last week since I took ds to the emergency room instead, so I’m low on some key veggies and out of fruit.  I hope to go shopping before I go back to the hospital so I can get everything stocked back up again.

I didn’t write breakfasts for this week, since it’s usually the same – oatmeal, polenta or eggs.  I’m trying to minimize grains which is why you don’t see many starches other than sweet potatoes or potatoes on the menu.  That means more beans to replace the starches.  As always, the kids take a midmorning snack to school as well as lunch on a few days; fruits and vegetables available for snacks aren’t written in.



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