A funny comment

We went out to eat a few nights ago, something we rarely do, and had such a nice time!  While we were waiting for our food to be ready, we overheard a one girl at a table near us complaining, who looked to be about nine years old.   

It seemed that her older sister (maybe 12) was bothering her, even though they were at opposite ends of the table and weren’t talking or even looking at each other, because she whined several times, “Mom, make her stop texting me!”  I found this very funny – it was said in the classic tone of ‘she’s annoying me’ but clearly this generation has found new ways to torment their siblings.  (It looked like the parents tried to insist the older daughter put her handheld whatever down during the meal, but it wasn’t working.)

The more things change, the more they stay the same!


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