Goodbye ‘Squiggles’ – our new baby has a name!

Today I looked in my planner and saw the following notation:  !!due date!!

Guess we’re past that.  :)

But it’s the perfect day to share about our new baby’s bris and name!

On Sunday afternoon we had his bris at a local shul, and were delighted by how many people made time to join us.  It was a diverse crowd, with people identifying as secular, traditional, Torani and charedi all attending.  We had Israelis and Americans, those who were living here for many years and those who were just visiting for a short time.

There were so many nice things about the people who came that I’m afraid to share about some and not others in the fear someone will feel I appreciated the presence of some people more than others – and every single person literally added to our simcha.  But I’ll say that it was especially wonderful to have some friends from Baltimore who were able to be there with us – there’s nothing like old friends!  Dd15’s best friend came with her brother, who is a very good friend of ds13.  And another family we’re friendly with came as well, with three of their children (all of whom our children were friendly with); all of these people happened to be visiting Israel now.  So our kids also had the chance to share the simcha with people they had known for a long time (and then three of their friends slept over so they could have more time together – so, so nice!).

Until now, the kids have been calling the baby ‘Squiggles’, and three weeks was a long time for them to wait for his real name!  After the name was given, a number of people asked me if he was named after anyone – no, he wasn’t.  He was given a name that we felt was a reflection of his soul.

In Jewish tradition, it’s believed that after a baby is born, the parents are given a measure of divine inspiration to choose a name that fits the soul purpose of the child.  For every child, dh and I have discussed possible names during pregnancy, and every single time, the names we thought we liked and would want to use were put to the side for names that we thought of after the baby was born.  So we learned the futility of trying to plan ahead!

However, this baby was different.  When I was pregnant, we were talking about names, and dh made this suggestion.  As soon as he suggested this name (because it ties in well with the Three Weeks, this time period in the Jewish calendar), I knew it was the right name.   So much so that I did something I’ve never done before, I called’ the baby this name when I had conversations with him in my head and then used this name when speaking to him soon after he was born. (I’ve never used a name until the baby was officially named.)  After his birth when we learned that he had Trisomy 21, I said to my husband, “Now we can see what a perfect name it is for him!”

Yirmiyahu (3 weeks) at bris

So what is this marvelous name for our marvelous baby? :)  The baby’s name is Yirmiyahu (in English, Jeremiah or Jeremy), and it means ‘G-d will uplift’.  We have seen so much blessing in our lives, especially in the last eleven months since moving to Israel, even in the face of many challenges.  Now we were sent our new baby boy, and this is a special gift on top of all the other gifts.  We feel G-d has uplifted us with his birth and that’s why his name is so perfect for him!


19 thoughts on “Goodbye ‘Squiggles’ – our new baby has a name!

  1. Beautiful name for your beautiful son. Your recent posts about this baby always bring tears of inspiration to my eyes. I thought of another reasong why Hashem chose you and your family to raise this special gift… you amazing ability to inspire ohers. This new life experience will enable you to share and uplift your readers even more!!! Mazel Tov and may you continue to enjoy much nachat from THIS baby ans well as your entire family.

  2. Mazal tov! Beautiful, meaningful name. May Yirmiyahu and all your children always be a source of nachat, happiness, and bracha.

  3. Avivah I don’t get to read your posts as often or as thoroughly as I would like. I did want to wish you a belated mazal tov on the birth of your 10th!! Yirmiahu. When I read about your son’s condition I immediately thought of the book Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic by Martha Beck. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend it.

  4. Mazeltov Avivah! May you have much nachas from him! I LOVE the name and thats because I have son by the same name. We named him after my grandfather, but its such a fitting name. May you raise him to Torah, chupah and maasim tovim.

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