Shabbos away with just dh and I

My husband and I went away for Shabbos – just the two of us!  This is the first time since before ds7 was born that we’ve gone away without any kids and it was wonderful!

We asked the older kids to come home for Shabbos to stand in for us, so ds20, dd17 and ds14 all were here. They had a really nice bonding Shabbos.  The little kids were all happy and the older kids were happy and dh and I were happy so it worked for everyone!  I did miss being able to be be here when they were all home since it doesn’t happen that often, and ds20 and dd17 were gone before we got home but fortunately this coming week is Shabbos Chanukah so we’ll get to enjoy having almost everyone here then.

When we got to the home of our hostess, she offered us a healthy treat and then asked if we wanted something to eat.  I had something, and she asked me if I wanted some homemade sauerkraut on the side:, “I made it myself, it’s fermented and that means that..”  Having written about this years ago, I knew what this meant!  I commented that I’ve never been at someone’s home and been offered fermented vegetables, and asked her how she learned about it.  She said someone in her community taught her about it, and you know what the funny thing was?  That person learned about it a long time ago on my blog!

We had an amazing Shabbos with so many wonderful people to spend time with.  We didn’t have much time for just the two of us or for resting once we got to our destination but our goal wasn’t to have a getaway but to enjoy spending time with friends and it was so enjoyable!  Have you ever thought about how amazing it is, the amount of nice people there are in this world?  We still had hours to spend alone while we were in transit – a benefit of having a loooong bus ride in each direction!


7 thoughts on “Shabbos away with just dh and I

  1. That cracked me up. Yea- it’s all thanks to you that I started fermenting things, and then I taught my friend, who then offered it to you. Small world- shows how what you do to help others comes back and helps you later. 😀

  2. You’re such a blessing, Avivah, teaching others not just about super healthy delicious foods like sauerkraut but also teaching us to have more patience and grace and wisdom in our lives. I’m thankful for you!


  3. I wants to write ths comment after rack one of your post, but it would get redundant. You are inspiration, regardless of the topic you are posting about. I find useful tidbits that i can apply to my life evenwhen the subject matter would not typically “talk” to me. Baruch HaShem that we are privileged to have access to your wisdom. I get so excited when I see a new post in my inbox. Keep it coming! BTW. I am going to make your curried cabbage today. Thanks for the reminder!

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