Combatting the sniffles with natural antibiotic tea

feeling-sick[1]feeling-sickYesterday a few of the kids along with dh and myself woke up with the sniffles and a sore throat.  I had all the ingredients for this natural antibiotic tea on hand and decided to make a double batch to combat the germs going around.  This is a recipe for the brave and adventurous!  When you see the ingredients, you’ll understand just why.


Powerful Antibiotic Tea


  • 1 t. cayenne pepper
  • 1 t. fenugreek seeds
  • 1 t. powdered ginger or 2 T. raw ginger
  • 1 t. fresh garlic, minced
  • 1 licorice root
  • 2 T. mullein

MIx all the ingredients together in a pot.  Pour 2 quarts of boiling water on it and let it steep about thirty minutes.  Strain the tea mixture through a cheesecloth and add the sweetener of your choice.  (I usually add the stevia leaves to my tea mixes but forgot to add it this time.)

Drink this throughout the day until it’s all finished.  The best time to take it is as soon as you feel you’re coming down with something but it’s helpful even after you’re already feeling under the weather.  This is very spicy and is best drunk as quickly as possible!



9 thoughts on “Combatting the sniffles with natural antibiotic tea

  1. Don’t boil them together! Use the steeping method. If you boil the herbs, you’ll lose the essential oils. Fresh ginger and garlic are especially delicate, and all you’ll be left with is the bitterness, after all the good oils evaporate.

  2. Hi! What is mullien in Hebrew? I have all the ingredients but don’t quite know what that is. By the way, I very much enjoy your blog!

  3. Great recipe.Thanks. Have been using teas with cayenne and ginger (Back to Eden, Jethro Kloss) and can see the extra ingredients willmake a lot of difference. Continued health and success.

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