Miracles happens when “can’t” isn’t part of your vocabulary!


“Can’t is not part of your vocabulary.  If you just put your mind to it, you can do it.”

“If you were never given limits, then you think ‘I can do anything!'”

Wow, was my reaction throughout the following video.  This is an amazing story in a number of ways – I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll just say, it’s five minutes well spent.

Watching this makes you want to be a parent like this young lady’s adoptive parents – to so fully believe in your child that your child believes in himself, and goes on to do the ‘impossible’.  A little belief in our kids goes a long way.



4 thoughts on “Miracles happens when “can’t” isn’t part of your vocabulary!

  1. So inspiring! I am struck by the fact that as her parents were encouraging her in her dreams they knew that she had the genetic potential to achieve greatness in that area (perhaps giving them the inner confidence to encourage her). The message for me is that in order to communicate “You can” to children parents have to truly believe in the Divinely given potential of their children – an awesome task.

    1. I totally agree, Rebecca. Even though this video is about the young lady, to me her parents are the biggest heroes, because they could see something that no one else could. No one would have blamed them for thinking there was no way for her to do the things she did, but they had a bigger vision and it’s thanks to their vision that they could instill in her a sense of vision.

      As a parent, I think this is a really hard thing. Sometimes you have a child who you perceive to be a certain way and we limit our kids without even realizing that maybe our perception is lacking.

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