RBS homeschooling group

>>How many people in RBS are homeschooling?<<   

I can’t how many people are homeschooling, only those connected to the group.  There are always those who are homeschooling who aren’t actively connected to the larger homeschooling community.  For example, I was told there’s someone a few buildings away from me who is homeschooling and there are probably others like her who don’t come to the meetups but they aren’t visible if they don’t hook up with other homeschoolers.

>>Do people from surrounding areas come as well?<<

There are three families from the Beit Shemesh area other than myself who attend, and so far two families from other areas who have come that I met though I’ve been told that others sometimes come as well.  Homeschoolers want to attend activities when they know that there will be someone for their child to get to know, and due to the wide age range of kids at our group, I anticipate that the number of families attending will grow.  It’s a very nice group as it is, though!

>>Are there other anglos in the group?<<

All of them are Anglos but Hebrew speakers are welcome to attend.

>>What has the local reaction to your homeschooling been?<<

People have expressed that they’re very glad that we moved here.  Every family adds something to the group dynamics and we add a lot of boy energy.  :)  There weren’t many boys before we came and we shifted the ratio by doubling the number of boys in attendance.

The families I’ve met are all lovely and we’re enjoying getting to know them!


5 thoughts on “RBS homeschooling group

  1. Please contact re: details of homeschooling and meetups. Interested to possibly try homeschooling but not sure about what and how to do.

    All the best, and welcome to RBS!

  2. Hi Aviva, I love reading your blog. We have five, the oldest is 10.5 all the way down to 15 months, we are looking into moving to Bet Shemesh.

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