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Our son’s wedding – if you’re local you’re invited!!!

The gowns have been fitted, the boys shoes are shines, each one’s clothing purchased and organized in the closet, bow ties sewn for Yirmi and Rafael (will finish putting on the elastic tonight).  Most of the numerous behind the scenes details are taken care of…

We are rejoicing in this happy season of life and welcome you to join us in person!

The wedding will be this week in Jerusalem.  If you are local and would like to come for the chupa (wedding ceremony) or later for dancing, please email me for details of where and when (introduce yourself if we haven’t been in touch in the past)!

I always love meeting my blog readers and would be delighted to have you share as we celebrate the marriage of the amazing young man so many of you have ‘known’ for almost eleven years.



13 thoughts on “Our son’s wedding – if you’re local you’re invited!!!

  1. Aviva – Isaiah and Asher will be in Israel from Tuesday night. So if relevant – please send details. And Mazel tov!!!

  2. Hi, Aviva: We know each other from homeschooling in Baltimore. Your kids took care of my baby chicks for a few weeks. We live near Yerushalayim. Mazal tov and please send details of the wedding!

  3. I’m putting on my virtual dancing shoes. Mazal tov! Enjoy every moment of your great simcha, and IYH they should build a bayis ne’eman b’yisroel.

  4. Mazal tov!
    Can’t wait to hear how amazing the wedding was!
    May your season of happiness and joy continue!!!!! B”H!!!!!!!

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