The healing power of siblings

Thank you to you all for your prayers for Yirmiyahu!

The surgery went very well.  It was a major surgery and it’s correspondingly a difficult recovery.

WIN_20151025_152059I expected general discomfort and irritability but had no idea the kind of pain he’d be experiencing.  It’s very hard to see such a non-complaining and cheerful child screaming and writhing in agony.  I keep requesting more pain medication but it only seems to take the edge off. Fortunately these attacks only come every two or three hours but each one is very intense   The surgeon said it’s a result of inner pressure on the surgical area and catheter simultaneously.

But it’s all part of the healing process and we need to go through this to get to the other side.

On to the more obviously positive – sibling therapy!

The kids are taking turns coming to visit Yirmiyahu; so far everyone has been here except ds16 and ds13.  Ds16 will be coming in the morning and ds13 is going to wait until Yirmiyahu gets home to spend time with him.

Beginning of the day when they arrived - could hardly open his eyes

Yirmi could hardly open his eyes when they arrived

There are several medical clowns who come in the mornings – the boys enjoyed them even though Yirmi was too out of it to be engaged by them. That is, until one of them overheard Yirmi gently blowing on the harmonica the kids coaxed him to play. She came in with her harmonica and played with him.  No smile, though.

Yirmi playing harmonica with hospital clown

Yirmi playing harmonica with Shorty

Then his siblings spent time playing with him – that’s when he started feeling better.

Sitting up to be with his siblings

Sitting up to be with dd20, ds6, ds8, ds9

After playing with him and making funny faces together, what seemed very far away until then happened – a real smile!

Yirmi laughing with dd20

Yirmi smiling with dd20

He loved being with them but eventually he needed to rest.

Naptime with dd15

Naptime with dd15

Enjoying a bubble pipe with dd19

Enjoying his bubble pipe with dd19

Finishing off the day snuggled next to ds22

Falling asleep at the end of the day snuggled next to ds22

The nurses later commented to me, “It was good for him to have them here.”  It really was.  They could see the obvious difference in him.  Everything was better.  Well, except when they left and he had to say goodbye – that was really sad.

Dd20 came back after work to spend the night with Yirmi. She knew I was exhausted from being with him around the clock and wanted to make things easier for me.  She also wanted to spend more time with Yirmi!   She slept in his bed and took care of him all night long whenever he cried.  He was so happy to have her sleeping with him; being pressed against someone he loves when he sleeps gives him a feeling of security and right now he really needs it.  And then in the morning she thanked me for letting her do it!

I’ve felt so grateful during this hospital stay watching the family we’ve built and nurtured over the last 23 years come together in such a wholehearted way to support Yirmiyahu.

There’s nothing as healing as the power of love!


15 thoughts on “The healing power of siblings

  1. so sorry to hear yirmiyahu is still in bad pain. we are continuing with tehillim.

    so sweet and so true how warmth and love can help in the healing process.

  2. Such a beautiful post! I’m glad to hear he came through the surgery nicely, I was checking daily for updates. I hope his recovery is smooth and quick! You should have continues nachas from him and all of your children.

  3. keeping on davening…
    thank you so much for sharing. may his pain recede quickly. I’m so relieved and grateful that your family is able to be present for him in such important ways. please also take care of yourself, Avivah. Witnessing the pain like this of someone you love very much and care for is very rough on the soul…

    comfort and ease to you all…

  4. Refuah shelaimah to Yirmi. I really hope his pain will subside and that he’ll continue to heal and you’ll see more and more of his beautiful smile back!

  5. Siblings are such a blessing. I’m so glad to hear Yirmi’s brothers and sisters were able to relieve some of his pain at least for a time. Refuah Shleima.

  6. This brought tears to my eyes Avivah. There’s nothing like those moments that make you so proud of your family and their love for each other. We see that now with our oldest when he’s home, but the younger kids who are all still together every day go back and forth from fighting to hugging in a short period of time!

    I will pray it’s all uphill now for Yirmi.

    Love, Kel

  7. so beautiful! sibling love is the best! hope yirmi is feeling better. refuah shelaima and please let me know if we can help in any way.

  8. Refuah sheleima to sweet Yirmi! And a beautiful post about sibling love! I’m so happy for him (and for you!) that he has that.

    I love that picture of him smiling. What a great kid.

    1. I’m also happy for us that we have that sibling love! I don’t take it for granted and neither do my kids. It’s been built one day at a time!

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