Leadership Parenting classes beginning soon!

Now that vacation is over and life is getting back to its hectic norm, I’m back to supporting other people’s families!

The woman I co-led a workshop with several weeks ago is opening a women’s mind and body wellness center here in RBS next week.  I was asked to give parenting classes at the center and after seeing the wonderful space she has planned there, I’m delighted to be able to offer my classes in calming and peaceful mini-retreat environment that will enhance learning and renewal.  It’s going to be wonderful!

ProfileMy new local Leadership Parenting series will begin soon and here are the details!

Leadership Parenting is based on six foundational concepts:

Connection, compassion, courage, calm, clarity and correction.

Leadership Parenting teaches you to:

  • Trade the illusion of control for powerful parental influence.
  • Become a leader in your home.
  • Enjoy your children in a way you never have!

Raising my children has been an incredibly growth-filled experience that has enabled me to become more and have more than I ever thought was possible.  I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it’s really true.  And it’s from that place of gratitude and passion that I work with other parents to help them build the kind of family that will be a source of deep fulfillment for them.

When your family life isn’t flowing well, it doesn’t matter how successful you are in other areas – it drains your energy, causes you to doubt yourself and you feel resentment and stress instead of joy and purpose.

There’s a lot of conflicting information available about how to create a strong and connected family and in the earlier years of parenting I got caught up in that.  Not knowing when to be firm, when to give in, then questioning if I was being too firm or too loving.  Were my kids taking advantage of me?  Was I being responsive enough?

It took years of making mistakes (usually based on some expert’s advice) and learning from those mistakes to clarify what was working and identify the underlying principles behind the consistent positive results in our family.

That’s why I started this blog (almost ten years ago!) and do the work that I do – to help parents cut through the mental confusion so they can invest in their families in a way that will give positive results long term.  Why should you have to make all those mistakes yourself if you can avoid the potholes in your parenting journey?

For local readers, here are the details about the upcoming classes. The series will be 10 weeks long, and take place on Wednesday evenings from 8:30 – 10 pm, beginning May 18.  Location: Be Well Women’s Mind and Body Center, RBS. The series will be 350 shekels.

As always, I welcome those who are interested in getting a sense of my approach before committing to join us for the first class for free.  Contact me for details if you’d like register or connect!  avivahwerner@gmail.com.

(To non-local readers – ie, most of you! – eventually I’m going to figure out the technical stuff to make this available to you, too.  Please have patience with me and my time limitations!)


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