Dd21 is engaged!

I am so happy to share with you that our daughter Michal (referred to here as dd21) is now engaged to Amitai Zaroom from Brooklyn, NY!

Michal engagementAmitai’s parents flew in today from the US.  They met Michal and right afterward both sets of parents met.  Really lovely people – no surprise, since their son is such a wonderful guy!  The l’chaim took place soon afterward at our home!

We are so filled with gratitude to experience this continued expansion of our family!

The four Werner girls - (l to r): dd17, dil1, dd22, dd21

Our expanded Werner sister group at the l’chaim- (l to r): dd17, dil1, dd22, dd21

The engagement party will take place in RBS-A this Saturday night at the Bais Mordechai shul on Nachal Luz from 8 – 10 pm.  If you’re local, please consider yourself invited! I’d love to see you there!


17 thoughts on “Dd21 is engaged!

    1. Laura, Michal specifically mentioned that she hopes you’ll come to her engagement party – before she knew anything about your comment!

  1. Dear Werner Family,
    Mazal tov!! May they share and enjoy a long life of happiness, excellent health, and fulfillment!
    Being a word guy, I really like the name of Michal’s fiancé: Amitai Zaroom. This guy’s got it covered from A to Z!

  2. Mazal Tov !!!!!!!!!!!! Such wonderful news. So thrilled for you. May they build a bayis neeman b’israel!!! B”H such a beautiful simcha and a beautiful kallah!


  3. MAZAL TOV!!! I bless them that they should merit to build a “faithful” home B”SD
    among the Jewish people like that of Avraham Avinu & Sarah Imenu!

    1. Malki!!! You know this shidduch is thanks to your daughter, right?! Amazing how Hashem brought it about through a side door, so to speak.

      I also wish you could be here!

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